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Axion Detox Treatment Programs


Treatment Options

Addicts are fighting a battle on both a physical and mental level. They cannot win this fight if alcohol and drugs are still in their system. At the beginning of treatment and recovery, they need a safe place to avoid stress and learn how best not to relapse.

At Axion Detox, we offer personalized and customized treatment to men and women over 18 to begin their quest for sobriety. With a maximum of only six detox clients at one time, we employ a full-time Case Manager and a full-time Program Manager/Clinical Director supported by a top-flight physician who specializes in addiction recovery.


What Axion Provides

During 24/7 supervised medical detox, we provide:

  •   Group and Individual Therapy
  •   AA and NA Meetings
  •   Assistance With All Insurance Issues
  •   Transitional Planning and Support
  •   Addiction Education
  •   Nutritional Counseling and Guidance

Axion Detox patients are also taught how to deal with the emotional, psychological and physiological issues that have likely contributed to their addiction.

Take the Next Step Toward a Healthy Recovery

If you or a loved one is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, the friendly staff at Axion Detox is here to help. Contact Axion Detox to explore your unique options for recovery.